Mini Laptop Models

While the battle between mini laptops and tablets rages on, the line that separates the functionality of netbooks seem to be getting less and less visible. But that’s just about comparative functionality. When we speak of overall performance and practicality, a mere entertainment-centered tablet computer wouldn’t stand a chance to the productivity might of a [...]


Previous Mini Laptop in 2011

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In this era of computing on the go, mini laptops and netbooks are becoming the rage amongst people. To get the dynamic and attractive features of mini laptops it is better to know the features of various laptops. The main advantage of using Mini Laptops is that they provide huge amounts of flexibility; they are [...]


Dell which is known for using Intel processors in most of its laptop models has recently unveiled its latest laptop model that uses an AMD processor. The Dell Inspiron M102z which is currently released in the Australian market is an 11.6 inch laptop that uses the latest AMD Fusion E-350 chip. This dell with AMD [...]

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Traditional laptops are a bit heavier which add to the discomfort for people who are always on the move. Consumers are on the look out for laptops, which are highly portable without compromising on performance. Competition is high among major companies to bring laptops, which are lightweight, affordable and at the same time offer high [...]


Best 11.6 inch Laptops – Under $600

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The term mini laptops was earlier only associated with laptops having a screen size of approximately 10 inches and less. These mini laptops and notebooks had a relatively low processing power and were only suitable for browsing the internet. With increasing globalization more people are on the move due to business or pleasure activities and [...]


One of the best laptop manufacturers has yet again come up with a stylish and sophisticated 11.6 laptop in the new LifeBook PH520. This model gives you the full futures of large sized laptop in a small package which makes it very attractive. People looking for a powerful mobile computing device that is handy to [...]


Best AMD Based 11.6 inch Laptop 2011

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Are you tired of the performance of all those Intel Atom processors? Don’t wish that there are other choices for processors other than those available in so called best 11.6 inch laptops? A lot of people are complaining that there are no choices for laptop specifications in the 11.6 inch market. What you get from [...]

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7 inch laptops are extremely small, lightweight and ultra portable devices. With the size of touch screen mobile phones getting bigger and that of laptops and Tablet PCs getting smaller, it is confusing what to call these 7 inch notebooks. The most common terms used to refer to them are : Mobile Internet Devices(MID) and [...]


If you think that your notebook should reflect your fun and colorful personality, you should buy a pink notebook. Pink is usually considered a feminine color and thus, pink notebook computers are very popular with women. Until now notebooks came only in boring black or dull gray colors, but now companies are making notebooks in [...]