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Printers and scanners are the latest computer devices to go portable. A portable printer and scanner are a must for every businessperson. Imagine being able to print and scan on the go! Using wireless portable printers and scanners, you can print and scan images and files from USB drives, laptops, cameras and phones. These portable printers for laptops are small enough to easily slip into a bag and are also low-cost.

A Wireless portable printer is suitable for use with laptops because of its compact size. The portable inkjet printers are a sub-category of the wireless portable printers. They run on either electricity or battery power.

Here are some of the popular and best portable printer models:

Canon Pixma iP100: The speed and resolution of this canon portable printer are excellent and the print quality is also clean. In fact, it’s considered to be as good as desktop printers. The iP100 has a high color resolution and a large number of printheads. The input capacity is 50 sheets and the printing is fast. It has USB and infrared connectivity, but no Wi-Fi connectivity or memory card slots. Its dimensions are 12.7” to 7.2” and weighs a little more than 4 pounds.

HP Officejet H470 Portable Printer: This portable color printer is considered excellent for printing photos. It has a good speed and can print even small texts with ease. The HP portable printer has Wi-Fi connectivity and memory card slots. The size of the printer is 13.4” to 6.5” and weighs about 4.5 pounds.

While buying a portable printer, another good option is the Bluetooth portable printer. These printers are compatible with all wireless devices with Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s have a look at some good Bluetooth portable printers available on the market:

Pentax PocketJet 3Plus Printer: Among small portable printers, Pentax PocketJet is only 11” long and weighs just 1 pound. The printer comes with a class 1 Bluetooth, IrDA and USB port. The printer utilizes direct thermal printing technology to eliminate the use of expensive ink. At a cost of $530, this printer is definitely not a cheap portable printer.

Brother MPrint MW-140 BT Bluetooth Mobile Portable Printer: The printer weighs 2 pounds and has a print speed of 15 seconds per page. It has Bluetooth and USB interfaces that are compatible with PCs and palmtops also. You can print 4.1” by 2.9” documents without any external cabling. It can print up to 100 pages continuously and the battery can be recharged using an AC adapter.

Before you buy a portable printer scanner for your mini notebook computer, ascertain your everyday needs and match them with the features of the models available.

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