Portable Printers for Laptops

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If you’re in the market for a portable printer for laptop, you are in luck. Portable printers used to be bulky, expensive, delicate, with poor resolution and had terrible connectivity issues. But all that has changed. Fortunately for you, there are some excellent portable printer scanners at reasonable prices available in most electronic and office supply stores as well as through online retailers.

Today’s sleek portable printers weigh in between four and six pounds, making them easy to carry for both the pleasure traveler and the business one. Most of these printers, which are also know as travel printers now come with a tough, drop resistant case to protect the machine from baggage handlers and taxi drivers making transporting the unit that much easier. As for price, most portable prints are quite reasonable at around two hundred dollars, with some more expensive models that include extra features like photo quality color prints or a high number of pages per minute the machine can print. All new portable printer models come equipped with Bluetooth for easy wireless connectivity and set up. Such wireless portable printers also have the ability to print directly from digital cameras, personal digital assistants, and cell phones, as well as PCs – making portable printers much more useful.

Portable printers now come with an AC cord, rechargeable battery and a car charger so you are never without a power source. Most are nearly as fast as office printers with an output of at least twenty black and white pages per minute or fifteen color pages per minute with good resolution. Today’s portable printer can handle both the demands of printing a detailed street map or a lengthy legal document with ease. If you’re not sure which model to purchase, both Hewlett-Packard and Cannon portable printers are well respected in the computer and printer industry. Moreover, both HP and Cannon have a large presence in the portable printer arena with many different products to consider. Some of the most popular portable printers from these 2 brands for office purposes are as follows:

Canon BJC-85 Color Bubble Jet Portable Printer

Canon BJC-85 Portable Printer
  • Sleek, elegant and lightweight
  • Multiple ports(including USB) supporting all computers, PDAs
  • Speed – 5 PPM in black & white and 2 PPM in color
  • Professional quality printing
  • Weighs only 4.5 pounds
  • Supports wireless printing using IrDA


HP H470b Office Jet Portable Printer

HP H470b Portable Printer
  • Foldable paper tray to hold about 50 papers
  • Speed – 22 PPM in black & white and 18 PPM in color
  • A bit heavier weighing 7.4 pounds
  • Multiple port availability
  • Energy efficient
  • Optional wireless adapter for wireless printing

With so much work being done on laptop computers, laptop portable printers have become a necessity for more and more people. The new generation of small portable printers allow more connectivity and portability then ever before at very reasonable prices. Visit portable printers for laptops or negative film scanners for further information.

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