What is better an Ipad 2 or a mini laptop: iPad Vs. Mini Laptop

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Are you planning to buy a new gadget and can’t decide whether to by an iPad or a mini laptop? Maybe after reading this article you will have a decision as to what device to get. We will be looking at some of the finer points each of the device can provide.

One of the latest devices that are popular today is the iPad from Apple Inc. It is a tablet device that’s used to get you online and run various apps which you can download. The obvious difference between an iPad and a mini laptop is that the former does not have a physical keyboard while the latter does.

In the scenario of iPad vs. mini laptop who do you think will prevail? It really depends on the preferences of a person. Both devices have their own strong points that make them excellent to use in certain conditions. If you are looking for a portable computing device that can get you online quickly or view some documents then the iPad is the best choice for this. Its slim form factor makes it easier to carry around with you and its battery life of up to 10 hours makes it very attractive for travelers.

If you need to do some productivity work like typing a document or editing some PowerPoint presentations then nothing beats a device with a physical keyboard. This is the area where the mini laptop is the leader. Try typing a document on the touch screen of an iPad and you will see that it isn’t easy at all.

To explain it in simple terms, an iPad is a content consumption device while a mini laptop is a content creation device. If you want a device to play movies, view online magazines or play some entertaining games then definitely choose the iPad. If however you need to create content such as documents or edit photos then a mini laptop is what you are looking for.

Recent data shows that sales of the mini laptop have declined due to the popularity of tablets. A lot of people are interested in getting tablets for various reasons. Just remember that in choosing a between an iPad or a mini laptop you already know what you will be using the device for. If you need more information to decide, read the iPad 2 review and best mini laptop reviews.

Also on a general note What should you buy – a Tablet or a Laptop computer?

Whenever a comparison is made between a standard computer and a tablet computer, the argument almost always ends in the topic of productivity. Sure, your iPad2 or even your old Galaxy Tab might perform very efficiently as a portable multimedia machine, but when it comes to professional work like editing documents and using specialized software, you’re still bound to be stuck on your desktop or laptop.

But through the innovative ideas of both tablet designers and app developers, we are now seeing a new progressive evolution for this fad entertainment machine. Take a look at these 3 important uses of tablet computers today, and see the productivity potential that this technology could hold.

For Tablet PC-Specific Tasks
Asserting a tablet computer’s productivity could mean finding a situation where using a tablet is the best option. Since a tablet provides a near intuitive way of presenting information, it could be used as a replacement for certain media. It could be an effective substitute for any handheld medium that can be used to relay or share information with anyone.

For example, there are now restaurants that now use tablet computers as menu booklets. There have been proposals by several schools worldwide to adopt the tablet as the 21st century book and paper. We can even see tablet computers that take on the role of laptops in business presentations.

Quick, On-the-Go, On-the-Spot Data Creation
At a busy day while walking down the street, you suddenly came up with an extremely good idea for your business project that you just can’t let go. How do you note it down quickly and efficiently? Using pen and paper? Too crude. Using a notebook PC? Too unwieldy. The idea would probably start deteriorating by the time you find a place to use these mediums.

However, using a tablet computer in this situation might be a better option. Aside from being portable, “waking up” a tablet computer is a lot easier. This allows your tablet to instantly transform your ideas into digital information using the appropriate apps installed in your OS.

As a Remote Desktop
Okay, so using it as a separate information hub is great. Using it to instantly note down or draw important ideas is also very convenient. But perhaps the best way for a tablet to assert its potential for productivity is by using it as a remote desktop.

There are already many apps in the Android Market and App Store that allows you to access your files and compatible programs saved onto your desktop unit. By making your tablet work in tandem with a desktop unit, you can variably switch easily between the two when needed. Use your tablet to save time in finishing the simpler stuff; use the traditional laptop computer for investing more time in technical work.

Newer tablets like the ASUS Transformer and the Acer Iconia Tab are even attempting to further blur the line between the actual functionality of netbooks and tablets. The growing productivity potential of tablet computers is already undeniable, and what’s even better is that they could even keep all of their entertainment capabilities as they evolve further.

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Master June 1, 2011 at 12:23 am

Its a great review, I totally agree with you, I know that ipad is a good device which I like because of its portability but mini laptop make you get the job done quickly and fast. A mini laptop is light weight and not too heavy to carry it has a portable bag and can be carried conveniently to work or school but like you rightly said, it all depends on what you will be using the device for.. Thanks.

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